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  • Finals Week  [12/6+8/16]

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1. What was life like before coming to Christ? What about before going to Bible College? (The more specific, the better!)

Life for me before coming to Christ was a very difficult life, with lots of challenges due to divorces with my parents, alcohol abuse, not much direction in life from parents or anyone pouring into me and teaching me how to make healthy decisions in life. My life was on a collision course. Reacting to my upbringing in a very negative way, unfortunately, was the way that I dealt with things. I got married young and had children young. My first born at 2 1/2yrs had a near drowning accident which was just shortly after delivering my second child with many health complications for myself with emergency surgery and not knowing if my daughter would survive. my marriage was not enduring these difficult issues in life, but the Lord did reach me in the dark time after my son's near drowning and I excepted Christ! Unfortunately, my marriage did not last. life went on and as I grew in my relationship with the Lord I felt set apart, actually felt a calling in my life. I loved reading the Word and felt that the Holy Spirit gave me insight and knowledge that I would not have naturally on my own, but after years of studying on my own, I knew he was calling me to deepen my understanding of his Holy Word.

2. When did you realize God was calling you to be in Bible College? (Was there a moment in church, at home, while you were reading the Word?) Please describe this moment in detail.

I knew the Lord was prompting me to further my education of Him in the Word through professional schooling. I have known Fred for over 30 years, we had not seen each other in many, many years, and then we reconnected. One day at my own church one of the pastors told me the Lord placed me on her heart about furthering my biblical knowledge through schooling. The very next night We were having dinner with Dr. Adams and his wife and he mentioned to me the new school year was going to begin, I prayed and knew without a shadow of a doubt it was time for me to go.

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3. What moment in Bible College was the most impactful and life-changing? (How has TRBC propelled you into the future you’re living right now?)

There are many aspects of the college that were impactful and life-changing for me. Many things I thought I knew in God's word, but I quickly realized there was so much more to learn. One of the most eye-opening and heart touching classes was the blood covenant class. But to stop there with you a disservice to the great professors and teachers of all the classes we have, from Pastor Debra's high energy and extreme insight, Professor Teresa's enthusiasm and how she build confidence in us to seek God's word for ourselves, to Dr. Kobernik that needs a whole school year to himself with all the information he gives is astounding, to Dr. Adams biblical authority class which was also another favorite… And I'm leaving so many others out for the sake I have time. But I do have to mention that one of the darkest attacks of the enemy came while I was in college, it was an unusual attack I had never dealt with before, it was intense though I was aware it was happening because I was in college learning, studying, and going deeper with my God.

4. What part of your story would be most encouraging for the person reading your story who feels stuck, lost and hopeless?

I'm not sure what part of my story would be most encouraging, but I can say for someone that came from a downhearted, abusive background that never really finished any higher education… I want to encourage anyone that feels stuck lost or hopeless that you are a new creation in Christ and because of that you cannot fail for we are in Christ, and Christ is in God… And God never fails.

5. What would you say to someone who wants to go, but isn't sure if it's for them because of their circumstances, challenges, past history? (And they have the same circumstances, challenges, past that you did prior to going to Bible College.)

To that person that wants to go to college, but is looking more at their circumstances or challenges… That's the exact reason why you should go because you need to focus on the truth, God, the victory that you have in Christ… One of the books that stood out to me through college was "destined for the throne", we are in training for heaven, to be in the presence of our Creator. You will always have challenges and circumstances that seem overwhelming, we live in a broken world, but in college, I truly learned that I am victorious because of what Jesus did on the cross and his resurrection.

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