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  • Finals Week  [12/6+8/16]

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1.What was life like before coming to Christ? What about before going to Bible College? (The more specific, the better!)

My life before coming to Christ was, like my husband, a mixture of both good and bad. I had a good life with a wonderful but flawed husband, a fairly large blended family, a nice home, nice cars, all the usual things a person strives for in life. We weren’t rich but we weren’t poor living a middle-class life. Some of our children had gotten married and moved on, two of our children were still living with us. My youngest daughter, her boyfriend, and their two girls were living out of one of our bedrooms and my son was living in another. Life was not bad but was often very stressful.

I was raised Catholic but was never taught much about God and I really wanted to know Him and especially Jesus. I was working at Loma Linda University Medical Center in early 2010 and I would always hear other workers talking about The Rock. I eventually discovered they were talking about a church. I was very intrigued and wanted to check it out. My husband and I were driving down Waterman one day and I looked up and there it was. I yelled at my husband to stop because I had found the church God was calling me to. My husband would not go with me because he preferred to stay home and drink but he encouraged me to go so I gathered two of my daughters and we went. I gave my life to Christ but in the middle of my SPT, my mother in Texas died…I was devastated. My mother was my heart and soul. I became very depressed. 13 weeks later my father died and it was too much for me to bear. When I got home from tending to their estate I grew more and more depressed. I had stopped going to church and all I could think about was how I had let them down by not being there for them. I started going to a Psychiatrist and taking anti-depressant drugs but it was not helping. I was talking with my aunt one day and telling her about my situation and she told me to stop taking those pills, stop going to the Psychiatrist and get back into the church. She said only Jesus will cure you. She was right, I did just that and in no time at all, I was healed from depression. It was as if the weight of the world had been lifted. I finished my SPT, and was attending The Rock and praying that one day my husband would stop drinking and come to the Lord…and two years later he did. Thank you, Jesus.

Life before Bible College was mostly praying for my husband to come to the Lord and once he did watch all the changes in him. Once we became equally yoked life just started getting better and better. It wasn’t long after he gave his life to Christ that we started thinking about starting TRBC.

2. When did you realize God was calling you to be in bible college? (Was there a moment in church, at home, while you were reading the Word?) Please describe this moment in detail.

Once my husband had given his life to Jesus we started thinking about Bible College. He told me that the Lord was leading him to go and I was thinking the same thing even though it had been 44 years since High School…that was scary. My husband had three college degrees but I had not attended classes in a very long time and was scared silly. I didn’t know if I could keep up with all the homework or even whether I would be able to comprehend the material. But God kept calling me. It wasn’t any one particular moment that I knew I wanted to go but over several months of God working on my heart and talking it over with my husband who assured me he would be with me the whole way through, I gathered the courage and jumped in with both feet.

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3. What moment in Bible College was the most impactful and life-changing? (How has TRBC propelled you into the future you’re living right now?)

No question in my mind that the most impactful, life-changing moment in Bible School came in our Healing class with Pastor Mike Bryan. I had always heard the Jesus heals and even experienced it when He healed my depression but in this class, I would experience a direct healing intervention by Christ that was plain to see the whole world and taught me how to receive the healing Jesus gave me 2000 years ago. I had developed painful, ugly bumps all over my hands. They prevented me from working or doing even simple everyday things. My husband and I were greeters and I certainly could not greet with my hands like this. I went to the doctors at least three times but no help. One of the doctors even told me that they would have to amputate my thumb. I was so upset! I finally got a referral to a specialist who took cultures, a biopsy and prescribed various pills and creams. All the test results came back negative, they had no idea what it was and had never seen it before. Nothing helped and it just kept getting worse. I was believing for my healing but was not receiving it, I was very frustrated and scared. One night after class we stayed late to talk with Pastor Mike about why I had not received the healing that I knew was mine. Was I doing something wrong, was my faith not enough, did I anger God by going to the doctor? He assured me that God was not mad at me and that my healing would come in God’s timing. He prayed for me and three days later my hands were completely healed. It was a miracle healing. I glorified God and learned deep down in my heart that God does heal, God will heal, and God’s timing is not always my timing and all good things happen if you remain faithful, patient, and endure.

4. What part of your story would be most encouraging for the person reading your story who feels stuck, lost and hopeless?

I had many moments during my two years in TRBC where I felt stuck, lost, and helpless. I remember one time I was horribly lost and having trouble remembering the lessons and terribly afraid of taking tests. I was in the bathroom and ran into a fellow student who saw I was down. I explained to her how I felt and she gave me some great advice that really helped me. She told me to stop worrying and remember why I was in Bible School. It was to get closer to Jesus. She told me to just let the lessons sink down into my heart. Don’t learn the lessons, live the lessons. Make what you learn applicable to your life in every way and don’t sweat the tests…the answers will come. That moment changed my academic life and I am grateful for the opportunity to share it here. I would also tell them to stay ahead of their assignments. Read ahead and do your work early instead of waiting until the last minute. This will take a lot of stress off.

5. What would you say to someone who wants to go, but isn't sure if it’s for them because of their circumstances, challenges, past history? (And they have the same circumstances, challenges, past that you did prior to going to Bible College.)

I would tell this person that if I could do it so can they. I was the least likely to complete Bible College. I was a 62-year-old woman that had not been in school for 44 years and had no idea if I could finish. I had a thousand reasons not to go and only one reason to go to TRBC. The devil kept telling me that you can’t do this, you are not qualified, you don’t stand a chance, you are not smart enough, you can’t afford this, it will interfere with your life, and a host of other lies. But God! God told me you can do this, I will strengthen you, I will guide you, I will support you, I will provide the resources for you to go, trust me and I will see you through. I desperately wanted to get closer to Jesus but I had to decide who I was going to listen to…and so do you. Don’t listen to the one who hates you and wants you to fail, listen to the one who loves you and came to give you life, and life more abundantly. I finished Bible College with High Honors and a 3.98 GPA all to the glory of God.

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