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  • Finals Week  [12/6+8/16]

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1. What was life like before coming to Christ? What about before Bible College? ( The more specific, the better!)

I grew up in a Catholic home. We went to church every Sunday, went to Saturday school and did all the catechism. It was great, but I never really had a personal relationship with the Lord. I remember always praying the rosary with my Grandma which was such a sweet memory, but never fully understood what we were praying and why we were praying those words over and over and OVER again. I knew who Jesus was and knew he died for us, BUT I always felt distant from Him. I felt that I can ONLY get close to him by speaking to a Priest. When my Grandma died, and as I grew older, we hardly went to church. Years later in 2001, I met Eden and my family was pretty much going downhill. My parents were on a verge of a divorce and my baby sister who was 5 at the time was caught in the middle. My brother was suicidal, my sister was doing her own thing. Eden and I were living together, going to Vegas every other weekend, drinking and partying. It was such a DARK season in my life. In the midst of all this, something TRAGIC occurred to my family in 2002 which lead our family to be in the Headlines of the evening news, with 2 of my family members in critical condition and one of my family member admitted to the Psych County Jail charged with attempted murder due to insanity. BUT GOD!!!! Then comes JESUS to the rescue!!! My Aunt, who was the first and ONLY BORN AGAIN Christian in our ENTIRE family at that time, led us to JESUS in 2003!! We were on fire for the Lord. Long story short, present time, GOD RESTORED MY immediate FAMILY. Every single one of my family is SERVING GOD, Loves Jesus with all our hearts and is attending The Rock Church and world outreach.

2. When did you realize God was calling you to be in Bible College? (Was there a moment in church, at home, while you were reading the Word?) Please describe this moment in detail.

Eden started Bible College in 2009. Prior to him attending Bible College, in 2007 we experience a tragic loss on Eden’s side of the family. His best friend and brother in law died suddenly in a motorcycle accident and Eden witnessed the entire incident, which led Eden questioning God for taking Danny at such a young age of 42, just a couple of days before his 43rd Birthday. In 2008, due to the economic rescission, we were forced to rent out our house and live in with my parents. Eden and I shared a room with our two small children. Also in 2008, Eden severely got injured at work which almost cost him his life. They diagnosed him with TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), which led to a two years disability. So here is where I finally answer this question. Prior to Eden attending Bible College, he was absolutely BROKEN. Eden was Broken Mentally, Physically and Spiritually. As his wife, knowing what he had gone through and what he was going through, I was completely helpless. I would cry out to God and ask Him to help Eden, mend his broken heart. I knew that JESUS was the ONLY answer. So when Eden decided to attend Bible College, I was overjoyed. As weeks went by in Bible College, I could see the Joy of the Lord in him. He was so excited to tell me all about what he had learned. My Eden was coming back. He was growing so much spiritually and he was leading our family in the ways of the Lord. Witnessing his continence change from hopelessness, to so much HOPE in the Lord for our future was more than enough for me to want that kind of growth and intimacy with Jesus. I signed up the next year.

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3. What moment in Bible College was the most impactful and life changing? How has TRBC propelled you into the future you’re living right now?)

Every class was so powerful. Every teacher was so passionate about the Word of God. From Dr. Kolbernik’s Prayer to P. Paul Authority class, to P. Dan’s Covenant class, to P. Jim’s Cardiology (Heart of David) and so much more. It brings me to tears thinking about how much I needed those words and teaching in that particular season in my life. STILL today I apply everything I’ve learned in my everyday life, as a daughter of our King, Eden’s wife, mommy to my 3 amazing kids, as a daughter, sister, friend, as an employee, as a member of our church. Everything is rooted and ground in the Word of God. I can honestly say I have a firm spiritual foundation today because of the sound teaching I’ve received in TRBC.

4. What part of your story would be most encouraging for the person reading your story who feels stuck, lost and hopeless?

There is NOTHING impossible with God. I love Romans 8:28 “ And in ALL things, God works together for the good of those who love him and who are called to His purpose. In the MIDST of my family and Eden’s family and our little family’s BROKENNESS and heartache, God is still there. He never left our family. He is the same yesterday, today and FOREVER. He will never leave you, nor will he forsake you!!! He has Beauty for Ashes. Our Family was a mess, headed for hell, BUT GOD!!!! He restored what was broken and He restored what was stolen from the Enemy. He restored, He poured out the windows of Heaven!!!! Thank you, Jesus!!!

5. What would you say to someone who wants to go, but isn’t sure if it's for them because of their circumstances, challenges, past history? (And they have the same circumstances, challenges, past that you did prior to going to Bible College.)

Don’t let your circumstances, challenges, and your past History stop you from what GOD had in store for you!!! If you feel that the Lord is calling you to dive deeper in His Word and in His Presence, (which I know he calls All His children to do so) go for it. If you’re scared because of the unknown, DO IT Scared!!! This will be the best faith walk you will encounter. God will be with you through it ALL. He is faithful to complete what He has started in you!!! Once you finish Bible College, you will never be the same. The Holy Spirit will always put in remembrance of what you’ve learned!!!

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