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Welcome to The Director's Chair TRBC Students and Alumni!

As Director of The Rock Bible College I have set this section of the website apart as a place where I can offer an encouraging word from God's word; something that I have read in the Bible or learned through life experiences.

My earnest desire is to be a blessing to you and add value to your life! Here is a message that will change your life if you allow it to drop into your heart!

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Dr. Adams

Here is my tour reflection.

My initial intent for participating in the event was to improve the college’s ability to provide avenues for its students to utilize the principles and teachings received from TRBC's Biblical Studies program. While at the same time, giving the alumni an opportunity to stay involved with the college and continue their personal growth in Christ by participating in this ministry. At present, I feel that my objective has been met, and all that is needed is to develop a robust advertising campaign that encourages early enrollment and participation.

As for me, personally, this trip has been extremely impactful both spiritually and emotionally. The experience of actually moving among the villages and small neighborhoods of people has been very humbling and enlightening. The Filipinos are a simplistically happy people, which I think is difficult for most Americans to comprehend. Here are just a few of the things that I find very intriguing:

One is the "first-love joy" that is always present amongst the students. They sing and laugh at every opportunity; yet, not to the determent or compromise of the importance of ministry--where they would not give attention to detail. Actually, their expression of joy is infectious and is reflective of the people we minister to, as well as to the Americans on our tour.

Another thing I find inspectional is the unselfish and non-threatening way the churches work together for the common goal of promoting the gospel. After working as a church administrator for seventeen years, I have witnessed first-hand the fears and insecurities of so many pastors. What I have witnessed and experienced here is very refreshing.

I think the unofficial mantra for this trip has been, "Let God be great and let God use you." Rev. Mike has created a systematic way for causing the teams to share the gospel in simplicity – which gives every person the ability to minister or grow in areas of ministry they typically may not have been comfortable performing. I see the "joy of serve" on all of the Americans. I have observed this with my wife as well as with myself.

I have truly enjoyed the morning teachings. They have served me in several personal revelations. One, in particular, is how in my own walk I have been victimized by the problem in the western Christian church. As Rev. Mike stated in one of the teachings "They do not stretch or put themselves in harm’s way... Therefore, they do not have because they do not risk!"

Additionally, I really enjoyed the insight that Rev. Mike shared about how most people live under predictable circumstances that they can control. In that statement, I see another personal revelation regarding my walk with the Lord as it relates to job, career, ministry, and lifestyle. I believe the answer to this dilemma, is to find the balance between dealing with the necessities of life and making One's self-available to God. To take that thought a little deeper, I actually believe God wants us to live the totality of our lives in Him - as so noted numerous times in the book of Ephesians. Redemptively, we are to live our lives "in" the Lord.

Another huge revelation that I have received from these teachings is a deeper understanding of the "faith" God gives you when you are in your lane (your specific calling). Just as He has given us faith to function in our motivational gifts found in Romans 12:6-8, He has also given us that same measure of faith to operate in our specific calling, as noted in 2 Timothy 1:9. Notwithstanding this measure of faith, there is the "favor" of God. I believe this becomes the foundation that our faith rests upon, and the assurance that fuels our faith during the challenging times - when we are attacked as we operate in our calling.

Honestly, this tour has been one of the most humbling experiences I have ever had the "pleasure" of participating in. I say it that way because typically humility is not a pleasurable experience. However, I have been humbled to be served by the students and humbled to be used by God. Humbled that He would allow His mercy and love to flow through me to these wonderful Filipino people.

Thank you, Rev. Mike and Ethel, for loving and serving us with your gracious hospitality. I cannot wait to send the next TRBC Student Alumni Philippines Mission Team in July 2018!

Fred Adams

As I reflect on the past ten days, I am truly amazed at what God has done! He said, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel…” (Mark 16:15, NKJV). I suppose I shouldn’t be so surprized that when we are obedient, He is faithful to do exceeding above all I could think, ask, or hope. But I am in awe at what He has done! 2,835 people reached! 2,662 people saved! 1,047 people healed, all this, in just five days of crusades! We, simply invited people to come, and then sincerely spoke to them from our hearts, sharing our personal testimonies of what God has done in our lives, and what Jesus wants to do in their lives, then watched as miracles happened.

I realize that there was much prayer, preparation, and physical labor that preceded these crusades before our plane landed and we even drove through the gate of the MKMI Compound. The churches were selected that would follow-up and continue the work of the crusades. The sites of all the crusades were determined, and permission to hold the crusades obtained. The members of the teams that would minister at each site were established. The Filipino bible college students were trained. The equipment was loaded and set up at the crusade sites, and the team leaders translated our words. The students led praise and worship and prepared the hearts of the people to receive from God. The students also assisted us with whatever we needed. It appeared effortless; however, all of this took a tremendous amount of organization and effort.

We were a team, actually four teams, but one big, cohesive team. Everyone working together doing his/her part, exercising their God given gifts and talents to see God grows His church. The joy exuded by the Filipino students was infectious and seemed to bind each team in the unity of purpose. During our daily devotions, when we were given the results of the crusades, I was reminded of the early church described in Acts 2:46-47, “So continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, they ate their food with gladness and simplicity of heart, praising God and having favor with all the people. And the Lord added to the church daily those who were being saved.” This unity of purpose and the overwhelming joy manifested in a display of God’s love among us, helped to draw the people to accept Jesus into their hearts, and because faith works by love, many were also healed.

Because of all I experienced during this missionary journey, I am extremely grateful and forever changed. I have more self-confidence and boldness in sharing Jesus, and praying for others that they might experience God’s promises. My faith has grown tremendously! I am committed to returning to the Philippines next summer to continue God’s work for MKMI and the work He is doing in me.

God has dropped so many works and miracles in my heart over the past 10 days that it's going to take an eternity to figure out exactly how much this trip has impacted my life.

God had been priming the pump to demonstrate His power, and boy did He! The scripture comes alive even more in my heart where I read the stories of Jonah and the city of Nineveh turning to God, and others where masses of people getting saved and healed. I knew they were true, and believed the accounts, but there is nothing like experiencing it. The first day was the most shocking when you actually get up close for the first time. I had the idea of them in my head but it wasn't until they were in front of me that I realized these are real people with real needs. It was such a contrast in culture coming from a place where people have everything and don't think they need God, to a place where people don't have a lot but God to rely on. I really feel this was divine timing because, during those morning devotionals, God was speaking right to my heart. Simple lessons on the value of my life were breath taking. It's so simple but yet God needed me to get out of my comfort zone in order for me to receive it. It was exactly what I needed to hear at exactly the right time.

Let me get to my points. The 1st thing that jumps out at me walking away from this trip is perspective. God has elevated my thinking, my heart, my vision, my focus, my passion, my family, my dreams, and my future. I was allowed to taste and see things that sparked a chain reaction in my soul. I will never look at life the same way again - walking away from this trip. My “lane” is being a creative person. I have a gift of using my imagination and seeing the invisible and making it visible. It seems I have a new idea about something every other day. Every now and then I find myself on a worldly creative project with a friend thinking - what the heck am I doing? I now have the confidence to not only stay in my lane and control my own passions but not being ashamed of The Gospel in my efforts. My brain has been on overload, not thinking "how can I get more?"(what it used to do) but "how can I give more?" Trading my time, energy, money, and attention for my eternal reward and bringing in as many folks as possible. Perceptive is huge! God has given me insight and saved me from a very unfruitful future.

The second thing I wanted to share that blessed me was your team. They really love God, and really love you. I could tell when I cracked a few jokes toward you, a few of them didn't want to laugh. Seriously, Mike, it is a blessing to work alongside a good team. There is so much more you can accomplish, and so much ground you can cover when you do not have to stop every 10 feet because someone got offended, or you can't see where you’re going because the person’s head in front is sooooo big – because he read his own mail! There was only one focus, and that was Jesus. That inspires me to build and cultivate a team like that. And sure, they might have put on an act while the Americans were in town, maybe or maybe not. But I can tell you one thing. We got the job done. Over 2,600 salvations and over 1,000 people healed. That's results! So, thank God for your team Mike, and thank you for your inspiration as a leader. You don't mess around. There is a time to play, but when it's time to be about our Father's business, I'm falling in line and all you hear from me is “Yes Sir, Daddy Mike, Sir!

Love ya Duuudddeee!
Jamaal Brown

This trip has definitely been life changing and has changed the perspective to love Gods people!

Coming to this trip was definitely a struggle but I knew deep down in my heart that God was going to make it happen! And He definitely did and it has changed my life forever!

What amazed me this past ten days was the heart of the Filipino people and their hunger for the word of God! I always read about in the Gospels and said to myself "that's pretty cool how they desired to know more about God and how there was always multitudes following Jesus" and like many others, I only thought that was the only time it happened (in the time of Jesus). But I was wrong it's happening today, right now through your ministry and I had the privilege to experience it in every single crusade I was part of! People showing up to the crusades rain or shine, it really amazed me and brought joy to my heart!

But also the unity and oneness that comes from the MKMI ministry are mind blowing! In every team that I was in every member knew what they were doing never at one point did I see them asking what their job roles where? And when we were late to the crusade they made it happen quickly. That spoke volume to me because their dedication, commitment, and love they have for Jesus shows through their service and lifestyle and most of them are young adults. (Mind Blowing)

Thank you, Thank you! For this amazing experience that forever has changed me. You and Ethel are one amazing power couple that is on fire for Jesus and it shows every day! We love you and can't wait to see what amazing things God has in store for MKMI because I know the best is yet to come!!!


I must say that this trip had really pushed me out of my comfort zone sooner than I had expected. In the beginning, I felt like I was alone at times before arriving here, since I did not have any friends with me. However, today I have gained a new family of like-minded believers – both American and Filipino.

One major thing that impacted me was seeing the pure-heartedness of the students. It appeared as though they had not one care in the world but Jesus! That is how everyone ought to be. One of my favorite moments was walking through each village with the student translators by my side. This gave me a picture of how Jesus is always by my side, leading me every step of every day.

I am also not used to such excellent and over-the-top hospitality like I had experienced here. It made me feel like I was in a piece of Heaven.

Every single day in devotionals you had rocked my world. I truly appreciated the way you simplified each message, and I was blown away every time. That you for having these tours; I will come home never the same as before.

Philip Lawton

I would like to thank the Keyes family, the students and compound workers, and helpers. I was blessed beyond words, and have never been treated so well. Thank you all for your love and generosity.

When I first heard of this trip I knew right away that I wanted and needed to go on this mission. I also knew that it was going to take a whole lot of faith. Being a stay-at-home-mom with two young children, it wasn't an easy decision to leave them, but I knew this is what God had called me to do. I had become very distracted in my walk with Christ for some time. The everyday business had my priorities in the wrong order, and I knew I needed to step out of my comfort zone and normal routine to shift my life back in order. That is exactly what happened! God totally blew my mind and changed my life. Seeing how people in the Philippines had no other option but to have faith - filled me with faith and it was just over whelming. Watching as people gave their hearts to Jesus and then had faith to be healed - touched my heart so much because they all were so eager to accept salvation and healing. There were miracles taking place daily right before my eyes. The Lord showed up on these crusades like I have never seen before.

I really wasn't expecting to be used by God in the way He did. I was ready and expecting to pass out flyers and invite people to the crusades. I thought a pastor or Apostle Mike would be giving the message, offering salvation and laying hands to heal. But it was us - me and the missionary team. That is something I could never have imagined myself doing. I have always been terrified of public speaking, even in small group settings. Something inside of me got stirred up though - and I had the boldness to give a couple of salvation messages and pray for people to be healed. When you are there and you see all of these people wanting to hear of Jesus, and wanting to be healed by Him, you set your fears aside and just go for it. It's all for the glory of God.

The morning devotions with Apostle Mike were so refreshing. He poured so much wisdom in us, and I'm so grateful for that time. On the night we had praise and worship in the Conference Center, I was hit with the Holy Spirit like I had never experienced before. I had been baptized in the Holy Spirit before, but for months had been struggling to speak in tongues. This night I could not contain It! The spirit was there without a doubt. Afterwards, when we gathered to dance, I remember thinking that I had never been filled with so much joy.

I am beyond grateful that I got to experience all of this and so much more. Now that I am back home, I have so much confidence in God. He's given me the courage to tell people about him. I'm compassionate to others and want to pray for everyone because I know healing WILL take place. My faith has just grown and continues to grow daily. This is something every Christian needs to participate in. It's truly life changing.

Love and gratitude,
Jennifer Molina

My first time coming to the tours in 2011 totally changed my life forever, and altered the course of my family! I was radically and drastically changed from the inside out. Ever since stepping foot onto the island of Mindanao, and stepping onto the grounds of the MKMI compound, life as a born-again Christian has been a ride like no other! I know there are many amazing and powerfully anointed ministries, but I would have to say that MKMI will stand in Heaven as one of the most passionate groups of soldiers!

I thought coming again this year would be different, in the sense that I have already experienced the awe and shock of how strong the anointing is here in Mindanao, and I just assumed the butterfly feelings in my spirit man would be gone, but was I totally wrong! The closer we got to preparing and leaving for our trip, the more excited I became. I was not sure if it was because my team had never been to the tours before, or because of my wife, Maricel, was finally able to go with me after 6 years, or excited that my church was finally sending a group to the compound. It wasn't until we had all arrived at the compound that I realized why my spirit man inside of me was just ready to burst with excitement. It was because my team was about to experience the most life changing event in their lifetime! And that is having an encounter with our King, and remembering their first love for Jesus! We all remember that feeling of passion we had when we first got saved, and most of us remember the feelings we had when we got filled the Holy Spirit! Well, anyone who comes to these tours gets totally submerged in the presence of the Holy Spirit...sometimes His presence is so powerful, you can't help but find yourself crying hysterically or face down in worship to the Master!

The beauty of these crusades also is the unity and flow of the Holy Spirit as several churches from different backgrounds and different states, with brothers and sisters in Christ who have never met, never served together, all come together with one goal in mind and that is souls for our King. These tours show what the Body of Christ should look like throughout the world, and how they should operate together...its truly amazing what the "church" can do when we come together and keep it simple, and that's to proclaim the Gospel!

Love you all
In His Love,

Ever since Eden went on his first trip in 2011 he has not stopped talking about coming back, and that I would fall in love with the people, the place, the ministry, pretty much with everything. My visit way surpassed my expectations!! I'm so grateful that God put this place and ministry in Eden's heart years ago, which has now grown to be our passion.

I have learned and grown so much during the short time we were on the beautiful island of Mindanao. When we become available, open and step out of our comfort zone to take that "Risk" for God to use us, the Holy Spirit steps in and aligns everything for His Glory. I've always felt in my heart that I wanted to do more for God, but never really wanted to risk or wanted to be taken out of my comfort zone because of fear. This experience showed me to just simply trust the Lord to what He has called you to do because it's not going to be my ability that will get the job done, but The Holy Spirit!! I just needed to be available and willing. I'm so humbled that God would use me in ways I couldn't imagine!! To be honest, I was hesitant on coming to the Philippines, especially with what is currently going on in Mindanao, and my own family members getting fed from the Filipino media and being genuinely concerned. I'm so glad that "fear" did not stop me from this life changing experience that God has prepared for all of us. Looking back now, I was at complete peace while serving and being in the will of God! The Bible says "Perfect Love cast out fear" and that's exactly what happened. Being with all of you, I witnessed our Father's love for each of us, our love for the Lord, our love for the people of Mindanao and our love for each other which canceled out any fear. We all had one goal in mind and we were all in unity in one spirit, as the church should be in achieving the assignment that God placed in our hearts and to serve one another. The outcome of this trip is PRICELESS!! Thousands of precious souls saved and healed!! Glory to God!!

I've received so many revelations during this trip. I felt that the Holy Spirit was speaking to me through each person I got to speak with - team members as well as students. I was very encouraged with our morning devotions - so simple, yet so powerful. Each team member has a heart for the things of God. You all have unique giftings and words of wisdom which flows through each of you. The college students were such a blessing to me. They are filled with the joy of the Lord and they are seriously the sweetest, selfless, kind hearted, hardworking and talented individuals. I admire each of them. They've truly stolen my heart!! I know God has amazing plans for each of them, and I'm excited to witness the goodness and blessings of God in their lives!

Apostle Mike and Ethel, God is doing great and mighty things through the both of you and your ministry!! This is a legacy that has changed and will continue to change people's hearts and lives forever. I'm grateful that you were obedient to your calling because the Fruit of your labor has blessed and changed my life forever, as well as my family's lives! The presence of the Holy Spirit fills every inch of the Compound, which by the way is absolutely beautiful. Thank you, both for your generosity and over the top hospitality. I personally felt "home" away from home. Eden and I are beyond grateful for all that you do. All the sacrifices and hard work to continue the work of the Lord in excellence, and you both do it with joy and love!! We pray for you daily! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! We love you guys so much ❤.

It was just an honor and a privilege to serve with amazing, on-fire-for-the-Lord, genuine, funniest people. Like I said before, this was a dream team. You all are simply the best, and such a blessing and a pleasure to serve with!! Everyone did their part with grace and excellence. We've shared many laughs, tears, massages, (I mean messages, haha). You all are engraved in my heart forever. I'm praying that this year is just the beginning of many more amazing memories to come, and most importantly, more souls to be reached and added to His Kingdom. I love you all so very much!!! Until next year!!

Also, how hard is it to smuggle a mango tree to the states?? Those were some AMAZING mangos!!

The experience I had on this trip was a total surprize for me. I didn’t expect that I would be speaking to people – how much more in my birthplace of Bonifacio! I expected that we would just be giving out invitations for the crusades, then listen to the pastors or speakers in the crusade. It is way beyond what I expected!

I am truly blessed that I was able to share the wonderful things the Lord has done in my life. I feel blessed to be a blessing. If I didn’t step out of my comfort zone, I would’ve missed big-time the beautiful work of God to the people we have reached out to, especially those who received healing – and be able to hear their testimony. I am blessed because their testimonies also ministered to me.

I am also encouraged to gather God’s people back home, to step out, arise and go do what God has called them to do, and to experience what I have experienced.

To all the MKMI staff and students, my greatest thanks for their service and support. They are awesome! The students are great. I learned a lot from them. One thing is that they are so cheerful in the ministry, and the way they welcome the people and make them laugh. And also, to see the people who have a heart to surrender – it is awesome!

I am blessed with everything that happened to me on this trip. God is good! My prayer is to bring more people from my church, to come on next year’s mission tour.

God bless you, Rev. Mike and Ethel Keyes!