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Dr. Adams

Testimonies, Commentary, and Journal Entries From the Second TRBC Mission Trip 2018 July Missions Tour Group

2018 July Missions Tour Group

Many of you know it has been a long standing heart's desire to provide a mission opportunity for the students and the alumni that attend TRBC. God fulfilled that desire last year with the college's first tour to the Philippines. The fulfillment of that desire has opened doors for the expanded growth for both the students of the college.

This year the 2018 TRBC Student Alumni Philippines Mission Team returned home with life changing testimonies of God’s grace and goodness! This year’s team of 4 Current Students, 10 Alumni, 3 Teenagers completed 25 crusades in 5 days in the mountains and villages (barrios) sharing the love of Jesus in a number of schools and to countless adults.

The team reached 4,134 people with the Gospel and there were 3,800 salvations and 1,262 healings with a testimony!

Please take a moment to read the personal reflections of those who participated in this first TRBC mission tour. Remember, to login in for the next life-changing message from Letters From The Director's Chair.

Robin Adams

One of the unique thing about the Philippines Mission Trip is the team members actually get to share the salvation message, a personal salvation testimony, a healing massage and personal healing testimony and on Sunday the team members are divided into groups and are privileged to visit one of the 200+ churches that work with Mike Keyes Ministry International (MKMI) and preach for the morning service!

Come and share the Word of God and experience the adventure!

Elizabeth Anderson

First, you are completely correct, Apostle Mike, when you said we would leave this tour changed. This experience has impacted me in such a way that I’m not sure how to even state it in words. Everything was amazing! To sum it up, it was like I got sucker-punched in the face with the love of God, and down I went! The love and joy displayed, plus the sense and fellowship of “family” - has made my heart truly melt. Anyone on this planet can see just a glimpse of this and be amazed at the power and love of God through this place. I deeply enjoyed your guidance, care and love for us, and your willing and obedient heart - without that we wouldn’t even be here. I love you and thank you for the bottom of my heart in ways I can’t even express. All the staff, students and alumni, and all who participated, were and are amazing. You and Ethel are doing marvelous kingdom work that few have had the privilege of doing. It’s sad that the overall laborers are few. I pray for the increase. This has brought me the opportunity, for one, to exercise God’s gift of compassion onto others, and love people to life. I fell in love with the Filipino people, along with all the students, fellow team members, staff, pastors and you and Ethel.

I thank God for the impartation of anointing through you so we can exercise it for kingdom work. I praise God for each ear I prayed over that He opened, each set of eyes that were released from blurry and cloudy vision, each heart that was touched and softened, and each life changed, including mine!

This is now the part of my testimony that I am privileged to share! My heart will be left in this place and God has shown me a deeper love that I am honored to pay it forward! I look forward to the day God brings me back. I thank everyone for all the prayers and most importantly, for God to answer them. This has been a tremendous opportunity that I am overjoyed that God brought to me - choosing me to share His glorious message to these people. I am speechless in witnessing God’s miracles at work. My heart is full and also empty. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, more than words can say, and I look forward to returning! To God be the glory! I continue to pray for all!

Michelle Aziz

Wanda Blaine

I never expected, nor did it ever cross my mind, that God would use me in such a way as bringing people to salvation, praying for the sick and seeing numerous healings. I never understood, until now, God’s Holy Spirit working in me and through me for His purpose, so humbling and powerful. It’s hard for me to wrap my mind around it. I asked myself what has changed for me, and I realized it’s my faith. I am forever changed because my faith is forever changed.

From my heart I love you all and I am so grateful to all of you, Apostle Mike and Ethel, staff, students and Alumni. You are all wonderful and amazing.


In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.

Jenny Brown

Going into this tour I did not know what to expect. Things were a little different from last year so it was a little bittersweet, but I knew that God wanted me to go. And when we landed in Ozamiz, I knew that I was where God wanted me to be! Seeing our Filipino family waiting for us outside the airport, with their genuine love & smiles, gave the comfort and confirmation that I said to myself; “This is why I’m back!!!”

Because the crusades are amazing, but our Filipino family that we leave behind plays a big part of why we come back!!!! That from the day we arrive on the day we leave, the love, smiles and energy are the same. I think it even gets BIGGER! It’s even contagious!! THANK YOU!! It’s an honor for us Americans to be able to work alongside you to build the Kingdom of God – every one of you Rock

Love you all!!!
The Philippines Shall be Saved!!!

Ethan Chau

Maryanne Michelle Flowers

I came on this trip questioning why I was alive. No one knew exactly what was going on because I did not want to worry anyone. The first day of the crusades, I was upstairs praying and there was a really bright star right in front of me and I started to weep. That's when my healing started. To further explain this, a few months back I finally cried out to God about losing my friend, and about knowing that He is good and just and that he restores all things - but not feeling like it and feeling foolish. I told God I needed a sign or a word or something to hold on to, even though I shouldn't. I was in my backyard at the time and instantly felt like lying down, so I laid down on our patio furniture staring at this starry sky, and instantly felt peace. I was reminded of the verse that talks about God knowing the name of every star and since then the sky, in particular, the night sky, is always very comforting to me. The night before heading over there, I was having a really hard time, as I shared over there. As I was walking I stopped, and I was staring at this gorgeous landscape and all these stars, and it didn't bring me the slightest bit of comfort. That morning in the compound, kneeling on the tile floor, staring at this bright star and weeping - was when my healing started. I prayed through a lot of things and told God I'd keep praying it every day if I needed to - and knew then one of the things God wanted to do in me on this trip.

I cannot express to you how grateful I am for each and every person I worked with. They all made me feel accepted and loved. They pushed me to talk and get outside my comfort zone, without ever making me feel ashamed or guilty about being shy. Sometimes they literally had to push me (gently).

I know this is off topic, but I just have to say the food was amazing. I'm very grateful for it, and those who prepared it should know they are awesome.

My whole life, I've struggled to truly feel like I belong. And since my friend passed, I haven't felt like I had a place. The church I was in and the team I was on at that time, made me feel so outcast, as did school, but with him I felt like part of a team - I felt like I belonged. And also, recently, I finally had to sort of cut ties with the person who has been my best friend for years, because it wasn't a good friendship for me to be in. I've been ignored on and off, and just generally not treated well by this person for a while now. But when I came here, I felt like I had friends, like I had a family. The one night while a bunch of people was singing, and I was invited to join in, this thought came into my mind: “I found my people."

Even just that, just singing with people, is something I haven't gotten to do much since I lost Michael, and so it meant the world to me to be able to do what I love and enjoy that with friends. If you know me, you'd know that this trip has definitely changed me. I feel bold. I danced! And that's like crazy for me! Working with a team again, and experiencing unity in that, is so beautiful, and it is something that I have been missing. Without knowing it, everyone helped me to heal wounds of rejection and loss.

Everyone reminded me so much of my friend Michael, not a lot of people in my life have treated me like that. I will be honest - I was afraid of Apostle Mike, because He kept asking if I was okay the first couple of days, and I felt like he was staring straight through me, and about to call me out on my mess. One day when we were passing out handbills, a lady wanted me to sit on her porch. She just shared her excitement about the crusade and the potential salvations, and that she'd be praying for us, and that touched my heart.

Everyone there wants a picture with you (very shocking to me - I didn't believe it would happen, even though I was told). The response to a simple gospel message from such an imperfect speaker astonished me, and the kids there really stole my heart. I cried so much hearing everyone's testimony. I no longer question why I am alive.

I already want to come back, and I can't find the right words to describe what happened on this trip. I prayed before going on this trip, and still am praying for the power to be a servant. I really feel that God helped me in this area. He helped me keep a good attitude in difficult situations for me, and just really helped me to notice little ways to help people. I ended up alone on the 13-hour flight to Manila, so that some people could sit together - little things. Little things like squishing in the corner of a vehicle so someone else doesn't have to, or just sharing what I had if someone needed or wanted something.

Little things like ending up with muddy knees, so I could kneel to lay hands on a kid’s head or a woman's hurt knee. Or, somehow calmly reacting to a giant bug on my leg that quite honestly, I ordinarily would’ve screamed having had seen. All these little things - that ordinarily might make me uncomfortable and grumpy, or just things that wouldn't cross my mind. I'm not trying to sound good so don't take me wrong. It was all God. I'm just really amazed at how He answered my prayers (which I prayed because of feeling led to, not because I just think of this stuff on my own).

I'm so grateful for the students, staff and alumni at MKMI, the pastors I got to meet, and my fellow American teammates - for helping to pull me off the edge of a cliff, and helping push me towards God's will for me. I cannot express how much everyone means to me. I am forever changed because of this trip.

I feel like it's too long and wordy and like I said, too much - and also not enough but that's just how I talk. That's my journal summary thing. Sorry it took so long to get it to you.

Philip Lawton

This is my second time on the July tour. In the back of my mind I first thought it would be the same experience as last year. However, I am so glad that God proved me wrong.

Last year’s trip was a defining point in my life. I didn’t think I would be stretched as much as I had been. I did things I didn’t think I would do such as: giving messages of healing, salvation, and preaching a Sunday sermon in front of large audiences. These experiences together taught me to be bold for Jesus no matter who I am in front of, and I have taken that with me until this trip happened.

The difference between last year and this year is the close-knit relationships I developed with the Filipinos. Their love for God is beyond excellent and they have shown it through their A++ level of serving. Of course, they are doing it for the Lord first and foremost. It brings me to tears how much they put others before themselves; their selfless love transparently showed me Jesus’ humility. I am blessed to be able to call them my family.

Along with making lasting relationships, God had shown Himself, mighty through a miracle I had never seen before my eyes. I witnessed a young man at a crusade who had deafness in his right ear. I commanded that his ear is healed in Jesus’ name. After praying, I had snapped my fingers in both ears to test his hearing; he said that it was better, but it was not complete yet. Then I spoke to his eardrum specifically and commanded it to be restored completely. I snapped my fingers in both ears once more and his face lit up with joy! I asked him if both ears were balanced in hearing and he said, “Yes!” I was actually shocked and amazed that God used little ole me to perform that miracle. Hallelujah!

What I am taking away from this trip is the look on everyone’s faces whose lives we impacted for Christ in each crusade. Just seeing their change of countenance is worth every dollar and minute spent on this trip. I can just feel that Jesus is so proud of us with a huge smile on His face. In addition, I enjoyed learning and picking up on the Filipinos’ mannerisms, such as the raising of the eyebrows as part of every greeting. My heart will forever be in Ozamiz City, and thank You Jesus for this opportunity to come again!

Michelle Lofton

The moment I heard that this mission trip was available for me to participate, I felt in my heart I needed to do it. This was truly a God thing. You see, I have had missionaries come to my church and to be honest, it was always something that did not interest me. After I signed up and began to go through training, I realized this was going to be a unique trip, and I would be changed forever. Little did I know I would fall in love with the staff, the students and the people of Ozamiz!

Each day, I would be stretched beyond what I thought to be my limits. I have experienced healing personally, as my faith has been all I've lived on since my son killed himself and all. Since he took his life, I have desired to make a difference in people’s lives. God knew my heart, and he would direct every step for me on my journey. When I decided to do it, I said to God “If you want me to go, the money will be raised and you will help me”. The day all the money came in, I rejoiced! The months of working, going to school, raising money, and all of the ministring I faced - took a toll on me. Three weeks prior I was so fatigued I felt as though I couldn’t make it. Two weeks prior my brother tried to commit suicide, and the week of the trip my car broke down. These and many other things told me that God would be using me and the many other team members in a mighty way.

Upon arrival the greeting and the people won my heart and I knew I would begin to get close to what God was calling me to do. Each day, I witnessed salvations and healings that were truly from God. The coolest thing is God allowed me to lead people to Jesus and also to lay hands on them - and they were healed. My observation is these people are so ready for these things - their minds are not cluttered with doubt and they just need to be filled with hope. In simplicity, they just allow Jesus to fill them. The gratitude that was shown could be felt through their tears and hugs at each crusade.

The boy in shackles was an eye-opener for me…I was that boy just over 14 years ago. I too was locked in a room for 3 days due to my brush with the use of drugs. If I was in this country I may have still been in the padded room. It saddened my heart and I will continue to lift him up.

The day I felt the power of Jesus transfer to the boy that couldn’t walk for 5 days was beyond any teaching I could get from a book. The lady who was cured of arthritis in her knees and danced with tears in her eyes…the man who was cured of asthma instantly…. All of this proved I can take this healing power back to America, and declare that His power to heal those with simple faith is still very active today. I pray the anointing stays with me, so the Lord can be glorified in the States to make the doubters believers! Thank you so much for providing this opportunity.

To my fellow brothers and sisters in the Philippines, First, I want to give all glory and honor to our King for giving us all, this amazing gift of His Grace! Grace that all of you have represented so extremely well and you have truly shown each and every one of us that you do not take His gift for granted! All of you truly take care and have shown me the truest representation of having a grateful heart!

Every year that I have had the opportunity to come on these tours, you have shown a fire in you that you rarely get to see in the States! Every year your joy for the Lord continues to grow and grow! Every year your love for us Americans becomes stronger and stronger! Every year you have shown me what the Church should look, feel, serve and love like! And every year the power of God becomes more evident in each crusade, and not just at the barangay halls, but the crusades that take place inside of each and every American heart that attends these tours!

This year the Lord revealed to me the crusades that are occurring in the hearts of each and every one of us Americans! Even though we were holding crusades in the remote and virgin territory this year, I was shown in the spirit the crusades that are taking place in the hearts of us! Virgin territory in our hearts that needed healing and revival!!! And because of your faithfulness and love for our King, you had a major role and position in holding crusades in our hearts! And allow God to save and heal so many of us in our lives!

This year I saw the birth of a revival for missions work! I can’t explain it but can only pray for my fellow Americans and for my TRBC team, pray the same prayer Luther Wishard prayed and that was “Lord, do it again! Where water once flowed, let it flow again” I’m praying for a major revival of missions work and support for missions! And that revival that is going to take place is in part because of the seed that you all have planted into our lives! I love you all and thank you for loving God and my family!

Oh! And how could I forget!!! PEANUTS, PEANUTS, PEANUTS!!!

Bob Pitts

A year ago, we heard the report of the July 2017 outreaches. We saw the numbers and got excited. Many years ago, we learned from Henry Blackaby to see where God is at work and go there. So, Marilyn and I prayed and asked, and He gave us peace so we signed up!

I am so impressed at how Eden and Maricel led us. Wonderful job! Yesterday I was talking to our neighbors, and they shared that though they were miles apart, they were both impressed to pray for us the morning we departed for the Philippines. God is so good! I was impressed at how we got taken care of from Margie at LAX, to Ethel and Emmie in Manila, to the whole gang in Ozamiz City. Thank you.

It was fun seeing us all change for the better as the days progressed. I am seeing in my mind’s eye us going to Ozamiz City, and how we are visibly changed coming back to the States. Wonderful! Apostle Mike prepped us just right. Thank you.

A woman had cloudy vision. So, I laid my hands on her shoulders, and commanded healing. She said she could see and the team whisked her away to give testimony. Pastor Jerry came and told me of her testimony, and how extremely healed, she said she was. Thanks Jerry! I needed that. And it was just “let go and let God” the rest of the trip.

God gave me a life lesson. I call it the tale of two Pastors. I sat next to two specific Pastors on two different days. One Pastor was healed and free, and I was able to speak into his life, and later into the life of his wife. And they also blessed me profoundly. And their teams were the best. Another Pastor another day was still walking wounded from his fatherless upbringing. I tried to interact deeper with him, but the wall of woundedness was there. I so wanted to speak into his life, but the avenue was not there. What a life lesson to learn all the way over in the Philippines!

I am working on my Master’s Degree in Applied Ministry. I just completed the first course, entitled APOSTLES TODAY. It was like God was saying: Okay, you have studied about Apostles. Now I am going to show you how I work through my Apostle Mike as he yields to me. I saw how His power is released as we fully follow His leading. Thank you, Mike and Ethel!

Marilyn made me promise to see a doctor as soon as we got home. While waiting for breakfast on the 27th, I called and made two appointments. One at 1 pm on the 27th, and one on August 7th in case I missed the first one. Well, I did miss the first appointment, so I am living life until I see the doctor on the 7th. I just know God is faithful and has the big picture in mind.

Thanks, and love to you all...

Marilyn Pitts

Apostle Mike and Ethel,

I came to see people saved, and to be a part of the move of God here, but I was stretched and blessed as well. To try and summarize is hard to do. The “upper room”, as I coined it, is a heavenly place to meet God in the morning. He spoke kindness when I was discouraged and showed me some areas that need attending to.

One situation I'd like to share. We went shopping on Sunday, and there was a crippled man since birth begging outside the door. The ladies I was with wanted to lay hands on him for healing. I went along with it, but I doubted that we would see him stand up and walk. I'm new to ministering physical healing, in fact I read books on healing to prepare for this trip. It seems that some people believe that everyone should be healed, and if they aren’t then it is the “fault” of the minister. Or some say that if a person isn’t healed – it is because of a lack of faith. So, I bolstered myself up with healing scriptures. We do pray for healing at the Rock, but for me personally, it is scary. So, the crippled man on Sunday was not healed. I kept asking God what was wrong with me that I doubted. Bob asked if the Lord told me to minister to him. No, I was following the leading of my friends – not the Lord. I was reminded that I only need to follow the leading of Jesus.

That same morning you gave the devotion on the importance of controlling your zealousness. It was a confirmation for me to simply focus on what God has called me to do. That afternoon during the crusade I lost myself during the time of healing. What I mean is that I just listened and tried to follow how the Holy Spirit directed me. It was good to get out of a religious “method” of healing, and I became more comfortable with it. This is a major step of growth for me!

Rev. Eden Omura

Dear Apostle Mike,

My time in the Philippines was life changing just to get closer to God and know more about Him. Before the trip, I was a shy kid in school and spoke quietly during presentations, but now the speaking in front of the people in the Philippines boosted my confidence. I’ll never forget your students and staff in the compound. I never knew that God would use me to do these amazing miracles right before my eyes. Before I even thought of going to the Philippines missions’ trip, God told me I needed to get involved in the church more. I told my mom I wanted to go with her and my dad. It was going to take a lot of hard work, but it paid off because I had the best time in my entire life. I’ll miss the food, people, animals, and music until next year. Tell the students I said, "Hi!"

Maricel Omura

It has been busy since we got back, with Eden being back to work, the kids getting ready to go back to school, me getting my house ready - cleaning and organizing and preparing myself to go back to work. In all these business and social activities, I have something to look forward to throughout the year... and that is seeing ALL OF YOU in the PHILIPPINES. Our family, our friends and the Mission of winning more souls for Jesus and being used as His hands to heal the sick – you and this are my WHY!!

Some people get so excited and work hard all year long for a nice, relaxing “vacation” and “stuff” which are absolutely fine. But when you pray for something bigger and you pray: “Let YOUR will be done in our lives and “USE” us oh Lord”, something more than ourselves gets birthed into our hearts. His desires become our desires. His passion for saving souls and healing the sick becomes our desires as well. As we seek Him first, He changes are hearts to want more of Him.

I’ve developed a Kingdom and Eternal perspective through these trips. Nothing compares to the experiences I’ve had in Mindanao. It truly is life changing, and ever since last year’s trip in 2017, it’s changed my outlook on life. I value and prioritize what’s more important in our lives. We work hard – now for Jesus and the things of God. We value what Jesus values more - SOULS and building His kingdom. My heart is filled with gratitude for these Mission Trips. Everyone has shown nothing less than God’s love. God’s heart to serve is in each one of you!! I’m so beyond grateful for every single person involved - from the cooks, to the beautiful ladies that wash and iron clothes and dishes, to the servers, drivers and students, alumni and Pastors. You all have given and shown great love above and beyond yourself. This is what church is all about working together, with one purpose to build His Kingdom in unity and one accord!! We all need each other, and with each other’s help and by the grace of God, we were able to accomplish what God had set before us❤. All the Glory belongs to Him and Him alone!!!

Please know that each of you is so loved and appreciated by all of us!!! Thank you, Dad and Mom for opening up your home and welcoming us and being obedient to God’s calling in your lives and ministry. I can’t even imagine all the hard work that everyone puts in to make these Mission Tours happen with such excellence. For that we’re forever grateful!!! Thank you. Thank you ALL from the bottom of our hearts!!! We can’t wait for 2019!!!

Nathan Omura

Dear Apostle Mike,

My time in the Philippines was life changing just to get closer to God and know more about Him. Before the trip I was a shy kid in school and spoke quietly during the presentation, but now since speaking in front of the people in the Philippines boosted my confidence. I’ll never forget your students and staff in the compound. I never knew that God would use me to do these amazing miracles right before my eyes. Before I even thought of going to the Philippines missions trip God told me I needed to get involved in the church more. I told my mom I wanted to go with her and my dad. It was going to take a lot of hard work, but it paid off because I had the best time in my entire life. The food, people, animals, and music I’ll miss you until next year. Tell the students I said, "Hi!"

Nora Rosenberg

Apostle/Daddy Mike and Ethel,

The harvest is truly plentiful, but the workers are few. I have been praying to the Lord of the harvest to send out more laborers into His harvest after 2017 crusades, and more souls are added into His kingdom in 2018. God is good and truly He answers prayer.

And I thank the Lord Jesus for sharing with us His ministry of healing and deliverance. The healings I have seen, heard and experienced on this year’s crusade is way more than I could even imagine. Miracles after miracles! Oh, glory to God!

The feeding on daily devotional teaching was so fulfilling, when you say, “we are God’s answer to someone’s prayer.” I was touched because it is true. Since the day I was saved and filled with the Holy Ghost I have been praying first to my family in Molave, and for my people to receive what I received and be where I am going. When I pray the word on Matthew 9:37-38, I would insert my name and asked the Lord to send me out into His field. It was such a blessing watching the people getting saved and healed. Their testimonies brought joy to my heart. And the testimonies of each of the team members were such a blessing. Mary Anne, you are beautiful!

On Thursday during my visit to my family in Molave, God did an amazing thing to the family. My youngest sister, whom I had no relationship with for over 15 years was there. At first, I did not know how to react but by the grace of God I managed to keep low. Before I left back to Ozamiz, I called everyone. We gathered around and held hands for prayer. I suggested that each one should go before the Lord and asked what they want, I went first. When we got to the last person, it happened to be her. The room was quite for a moment waiting for her prayer. She broke the silence with a cry to the Lord, asking for help and forgiveness. When she asked, “Lord forgive me for hurting my sister” I couldn’t help it - tears were going down. I squeezed her hand for comfort and when she squeezed mine I felt something like electricity. There was something that was lifted out of me, and replaced with joy and peace. I knew right then God has healed and restored us. My sister and I were reconciled. She then turns and re-dedicated herself to the Lord.

This is truly a blessing I never expected. In your teaching on the six things that point out to us the power of our purpose, the things to do if we want God to bless us - one of the six is “go”. I was wondering if I did not commit to this mission tour, if I did not go to Molave, I would have missed the blessing that God had for me, for my sister and for the entire family. At this time, I cannot stop thinking about it. I could only say what a miracle!

I thank the Lord, God the Father for His amazing grace. On behalf of MKMI, Apostle/Daddy Mike and Ethel, and staff, to the Pastors my co-laborers, and to the beautiful alumni thank you so much. Your ministry has changed me. Now I am addicted to soul winning.

I miss you and love you all…

Vanessa Saavedra

Daddy Mike, Momma Ethel and Compound Family,

I am speechless with the gratitude I have for you ALL. God has used each of you to show the love He has for us. Thank you for everything you did for us - the Americans.

Just a little of what God did for me on this trip: thank God I was obedient to Him about going to the Philippines. I had said yes to going - not knowing about the trials I would have to go through as the trip approached. I went through so much, I was ready to wave my white flag and say forget about this trip. I didn’t think it was worth all the drama and paper signing. I have been divorced from Ethan’s father for 12 years. I have full custody of Ethan - and all of a sudden, I have to get permission from his father for him to go to the Philippines! Really?!!! WHY LORD?!! So, I call and ask him if we can meet to get papers notarized, so Ethan can leave the States. First, he wasn’t too happy about having to call off whatever he was doing to get this done. Then, he wants to act like he has authority over Ethan, as to whether or not he goes! Ugh! Not today Satan! My God has the AUTHORITY! And as if that’s not enough, my marriage starts to go downhill faster and faster.

I’m dealing with Ethan’s dad “not really wanting him to go” and now this with my marriage…. Lord, what is up?! All I want to do is serve You and go from nation to nation to preach the gospel and share the Good News. With all this now going on with my husband, I leave for “Kid’s Camp” the weekend before we depart for the Philippines, and the camp was AMAZING!

And while I’m there, I hear God telling me it’s all worth it!! It’s all worth it!! But then, I get a text from Eden telling me “Vanessa, I just got a message and we need one more paper signed.” I froze and didn’t know what to text him back. I questioned God again - is it really worth it?! Why - just 2 days before I leave, I have to face Ethan’s father again? I texted Eden back with “Okay Eden, let me know what I have to do. I’m in the mountains now but when I get back I will take care of it.” Long story short, I had to ask Ethan’s father to meet up again to get another paper notarized. So yeah, he was upset but I didn’t care anymore - it seemed that everyone was upset with me. Tuesday morning, as we are already at the airport, I group text my parents telling them “Ethan and I are at the airport now. We love you. See you guys when we get back”. I get a text from my mother, telling me to take her off this group text. Yup, she was upset. Why?! I DONT KNOW!! I’m sitting on the airplane looking out the window, crying and asking the Lord why am I going to a different country if my husband, mother and Ethan’s father are upset? And I hear Him again “It’s going to be worth it!”

The American team showed me so much love!! Every single person showed me love. We get to the compound and there it is again - the outpouring of LOVE from each person - from the oldest to the youngest. We go out to do the crusades, and the Filipinos from the barrios think we are there to bless them - but little do they know they are blessing me. God showed me that everything I was dealing with back home was the size of an ant compared to what these Filipinos have to deal with day in and day out. We Americans whine about the smallest things. All the Filipino wants is a prayer for healing, and here I am complaining about things that deal with nothing more than a lack of communication.

I was able to soak in all the love from everyone in the Philippines and transmit it back to the States through text messages, FaceTime and calls to my family. I believe if that if I hadn’t obeyed God and gone on this missions trip, seeing healing after healing, all the salvations, the love that was everywhere, and the way my son’s life was transformed – my life would’ve gone downhill. My husband and I are now on a better track. Ethan’s father is happy he is home safe, and even though my mother still doesn’t talk to me, I have peace in my heart! I am back in the States and my glass is overflowing with love, joy and peace!

I thank you all for this amazing time and being part of this mission trip with me. Daddy Mike and Momma Ethel thank you for your love and hospitality!!
Love you team!!

Ashley Washam

Daddy Mike, Mommy Ethel & Family,

Thank you! Thank you for creating a safe place to explore the gifts of God. Thank you for being the best hosts I have ever had. Thank you for living lives of truth. Thank you for fiercely chasing after God.

This week the biggest take-away personally is this – I am radical for Jesus! It’s okay – God loves it and its who God created me to be.

The most incredible thing I have witnessed besides the salvations and healings – are the studets/pastors/alumni. I have never been treated with greater kindness or made to feel any more like I truly “belong”, as it was here. Their sacrifice and joy in serving and their effort and hard work - has made an impact on how I want to live my life more selflessly.

To give an altar call and have 300 saved – God gave me a purpose and a passion – I will be eternally grateful for this opportunity. Thank you for the hospitality & sense of “family”. I love you!