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Pastors Jim & Deborah Cobrae

Pastors Jim & Deborah Cobrae

We are excited about you considering The Rock Bible College for your continued education in the Word of God. We are committed to serving you with our lives and experiences to become successful ministers impacting the world around you for Jesus. Don’t wait. Begin your education this year at The Rock Bible College.

Pastors Jim & Deborah Cobrae
Founders and Presidents

What We Offer »

Students will enjoy our instructors which have been carefully chosen for content and expertise. They come from bible colleges, universities, and some are international experts in their area of expertise.

The Rock Bible College has added a Web-base learning management system “MyTRBC” that integrates with our college website. This feature takes the student’s educational experience to the next level; by providing students and faculty the ability to more effectively communicate with each other through their own personal login. MyTRBC allows students to learn anywhere!

Through MyTRBC, students have automatic access to The Rock Bible College faculty and staff, syllabi, class assignments, important documents like audio files, slideshow presentations, college news bulletins, announcements, and much more.

With this new online learning platform, MyTRBC greatly enriches each student’s biblical educational learning experience and enable them to reach their overall ministry goals!

Applied Learning Experience
Another important part of The Rock Bible College Biblical Studies Program is the practical experience student’s will receive through the Applied Learning Experience class. Students are given the opportunity to apply classroom teaching by working with ministry leaders in various areas of ministry and church life.

Through ministry involvement students are able to identify their God given inborn talents, spiritual and motivational gifts. In the hope that they might be motivated to release and utilize these attributes and gift(s) to edify the body of Christ in their area of influence and find fulfillment in their personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.